Price Range

Most Systems
$1,000 to $2,500

Systems are Custom

Radon mitigation system cost varies dramatically depending on building factors. Radon remediation costs can range from $900 to $5,000 per home. The average cost for single-family home radon mitigation is between $1,000 and $2,500, with $1,400 being the statistical average. Only an on-site evaluation and system design can give you an accurate radon remediation cost figure. This visit is easy to schedule with DuPage Radon Contractors, and is at no charge.

Price Range


Impact the Price

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The price of a given system depends on many factors. Some factors only change the price mildly, while others factors have a bigger effect. Some factors are not only expensive but also require a very high degree of expertise and sometimes special equipment. We call these Tough Cases. Here are a list of some of the factors that go into the cost of radon remediation.

Small to Medium Price Factors

1. Length of Piping Needed

2. Amount of Floor Caulking

3. Type of Siding

4. Access Issues

5. Obstacles for Ladders

6. Difficulty and # of Bends in the Discharge

7. Electrical Difficulty

8. Size of Building

9. Amount of Temporary Floor Protection

10. Obstacles and Conditions in Crawlspace

11. Custom Painting

12. Remote U-tube

13. Truck-to-System Distance

14. System Alarm Added

15. Sump Pit Sealing Challenges

More Expensive Factors

1. Gravel/Dirt-floored Crawl Space

2. Number of Suction Points

3. Number of Sump Pits

4. Multiple Fans Needed

5. No Gravel Under the Slab

6. Discharges Higher Than Two Stories

7. Any Small or Medium Factor if Extreme in Nature

Tough Cases

Presented in approximate descending level of “toughness”:

1. Heat Ducts Under Slab Floor

2. Excessively High Water Table

3. French Drains

4. Clay Under the Slab

5. In-slab Radiant Heat or Electrical

6. No Easy, Suitable Location

7. Finished Room Between Suction Points

8. Homes pre-1970 & Esp. Pre-1940

Click here for more details on Tough Cases

Did you Know...?

  • Must See It

    As you might imagine from reviewing the cost factors, no radon mitigation job can really be properly evaluated without a visit to the building.

  • Same Factors for Any Firm

    The factors listed on this page affect the radon mitigation system cost with any mitigation company, not just DuPage Radon Contractors.

  • Highly Competitive

    DuPage Radon Contractors is aggressive in finding ways to install a system as efficiently as reasonably possible and to leverage volume parts buying to keep prices extremely competitive.

  • Beware of Phone Estimates

    Some competitors have begun to give only phone estimates. It sometimes is unclear who pays if they have guessed inaccurately. One company says they guarantee their phone price, but in reality will walk away from the job if, upon seeing the building, they realize their phone bid was too low.

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