Real Estate Transactions

Designed Around Real Estate

Over 80% of DuPage Radon Contractors systems are installed in buildings that are either up for sale or just sold. Our radon mitigation process for real estate transactions is specifically designed to be easy for sellers or buyers to obtain a system with the lowest possible chance that some part of the process may delay or jeopardize closing.



Help for Sellers & Buyers

Get a free, no obligation mitigation system design

Fewer Delays
& Surprises

DuPage Radon Contractors is driven to making real estate radon mitigation take less time, have fewer delays, and avoid surprises.

Transferrable Proposals

Even if the proposal was originally given to the Seller, DuPage Radon Contractors will honor it for the Buyer, and vice versa. Just change the name on the contract. This also makes it easy to perform the installation after the closing, if needed.

Automatic Warranty Transfer

All warranties on DuPage Radon Contractors' systems are recorded by address rather than by purchaser, so they automatically transfer upon building sale. One less piece of paper to take to closing.

We Understand the Process

We are fluent in use of lockboxes and communication with requested parties, such as buyers, sellers, attorneys, brokers, home owner’s associations, and more.

HOA Help

Home owners associations can require a wide array of regulations to meet and/or forms to submit. We can help with communication, will ensure all processes meet their rules, and will give them copies of our insurance, license, or anything else required.

Did you Know...?

  • What Do I HAVE to do?

    The seller of a property is required by the Illinois Radon Awareness Act to alert all interested parties as to what the seller knows about radon and the property. This is done via a form you can obtain from your broker. However, it has become common practice that tests are performed, and if levels are high, radon is mitigated during real estate transactions.

  • Location, Location,Location

    Part of making a system look its best is choosing the best location on the building for the system. DuPage Radon Contractors tries to never put the system on the front of the home or on the side, where it is most noticed. The interior piping is usually installed in an unfinished area that is unlikely to ever be finished in any future basement remodel.

  • I’m Selling, Why Do I Care?

    A better looking radon mitigation system reduces the chance that your buyer will balk at your choice and ask, “Why didn’t you buy a fan housing like my neighbor has?”

  • Help for Brokers

    On Call
    For You

    We’re available for questions you have about the system or about the process. We are also open to suggestions on how we may be able to better serve a given client. And because we have a large installation team, there is an increased chance we can squeeze an appointment in for a rushed closing.

    Calming Upset Buyers

    Radon can make people over-anxious. We are happy to help explain radon mitigation and calm down any involved party that is overly concerned. We always tell the truth, but the truth is calming. These systems truly work well, and short-term radon exposure is usually not overly harmful.


    We frequently offer incentives to brokers, including coupons that can be forwarded to your clients, preferential scheduling, or discounts on weekend installations.

    Training & Presentations

    Free training is available for your company meetings or through our helpful realtor guides. We can help educate new real estate brokers on radon basics and keep veteran brokers up to date on any industry or rule changes.


    We can supply brokers and broker offices with literature and guides that they can forward to clients to help them understand radon, radon mitigation systems, and the system installation process.


    State regulations require brokers to have real estate sellers fill out a radon disclosure form and give out a radon pamphlet. For disclosure forms, click here. For pamphlets, click here.

  • Can Install AFTER Closing

    Our proposal guarantees that we will reduce your radon to acceptable levels for the price stated, and regulations and our company ethics ensure that we keep our promise. A buyer takes very little gamble if, because of time constraints, they install the system after the closing.

  • 100% Success

    Some mitigation jobs can be very tricky, but because of our great diagnostic skills and equipment, we have a 100% success rate. 99.6% of the time, we succeed on the first try. We’ve even helped our competitors with jobs they could not solve.

  • Highly $ Competitive

    DuPage Radon Contractors is aggressive in finding ways to be as efficient as is reasonably possible, and we leverage volume parts buying to keep prices extremely competitive.

  • Reduces Humidity!

    An extra benefit of radon mitigation systems is that they remove a large amount of indoor humidity along with radon gas. So much humidity is removed that we have installed systems primarily just to reduce the musty smell of a basement.

  • Beware of Phone Estimates

    Some competitors have begun to give only phone estimates. It’s sometimes unclear who pays if they have guessed inaccurately. One company says they guarantee their phone price, but in reality, they will walk away from the job if they realize their phone bid was too low upon seeing the building.

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