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We Service All

DuPage Radon Contractors services all systems, even those that we did not install. We can perform fan replacement, repairs, re-caulking a sump cover, removal of a system for re-siding, and installing or activating a passive system. Our trained staff can often identify your radon repair needs over the phone and send out a highly trained professional.



Repairs or Fan Replacement

Get a free, no obligation mitigation system design

Radon Fan

Eventually, the radon fan will need replacement, but sometimes it is just a tripped GFCI, which we can verify and help you solve over the phone for free. Call us for fan replacement pricing.

for Re-Siding

We can remove and reinstall your unit to facilitate replacement of siding or other remodeling needs. Call for pricing.

Crawl Plastic

If the plastic covering your crawl floor is ripped or punctured, it should be patched or replaced. DuPage Radon Contractors can solve this issue .


DuPage Radon Contractors can perform any changes or repair your radon system needs. We can move the system, re-pipe it, add suction points for a new addition, or bring it up to current standards. Small repairs are at time and materials charges, with jobs over three hours usually bid, so you know your costs.

Passive System Installation or Activation

We can activate a passive radon mitigation with a straightforward radon fan installation, and by doing so we will verify that it meets current standards. We can also install a passive system in a new construction situation. To learn more about our passive systems and activation services, click here.


Activating a passive system includes installing a fan, sometimes installing electrical, adding appropriate labels, checking that the whole system was installed properly, and sometimes installing electrical and caulk floor joints and seams and sealing the sump pump. Because plumbers are allowed to install these systems, they are frequently not installed properly, adding extra cost to system activation.


DuPage Radon Contractors can install passive systems. The price depends on the design of the system, and can be generated from blueprints or a trip to the jobsite.

Did you Know...?

  • Having an Issue?

    There is a gauge on your system that measures suction. It is usually located near the main suction point. Check the levels of the liquid in this gauge. If they are level, try resetting the GFCI (see below). If the levels are still even, give us a call.

  • Check GFCI First!

    Before you call us, it is helpful to see if the GFCI circuit has tripped. This can save you the cost of a service call. Some systems have a GFCI outlet near the U-tube gauge or near the primary suction point. Press the Test button, then the Reset button. Now re-check the u-tube gauge . If it is uneven, you have fixed the issue. If not, call us.

  • Long Fan Life

    Replacement radon fans installed by DuPage Radon Contractors are usually the RadonAway® brand. These are the industry-leading fan radon fan and they typically last 7-12 years.

  • Up to Code

    When doing maintenance, such as radon fan replacement or caulking a sump cover, we will inform you of any code violations and will supply you with pricing for the repairs. You can decide if you would like to bring the system up to current standards. State statute indicates that we must do all or none of the upgrades.

  • No Sump Pit Suction

    Installing the main suction point into the sump pit is a practice that used to be employed but is no longer allowed by radon regulatory agencies except in unusual situations. Only a secondary pipe can enter the sump pit. We can update your system to meet current standards.

  • Caulk is Not to Stop Radon

    Once an active system is installed, the radon follows the suction and does not tend to push through the floor cracks. Floor cracks are caulked to reduce leakage of the systems suction and to keep from sucking heated or cooled air out of the building .

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