Fans & Discharges - Wall Systems

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Attic Fan Systems

Suction Points

Basement Suction Points

Crawlspace Suction Points

Suction Points Into Crawl Membrane

Through a Foundation to Under a Slab


Misc. Parts

  • State Sticker

  • U-Tube

  • U-Tube & GFCI

  • Remote U-Tube

  • Drainjer

  • Marked Elec.Panel

Sump Covers

Challenges Met

  • Pipe Behind Walls, Access Panel

  • Low-profile for Driveway

  • Match Board & Batten Siding

  • Inside Ceilings

  • Multi-bend Discharge

  • Crowded Location

  • Need to Be Up High

    Need to Enter Side of Box

  • Tight Fit: For Fan

    Tight Fit: For Us

  • Concrete Floor Challenges

  • What Our Customers Say