DuPage Process Difference

Less Time
Fewer Delays
Fewer Surprises

Over the years, DuPage Radon Contractors has developed a radon system installation process that is as trouble-free as possible.

Some radon mitigation installation problems can be very difficult to solve. A smaller company may run into these rare issues only once every 5 or 10 years. However, we do nearly 1,000 radon system installations a year, so we see the challenging jobs often enough that we've not only developed appropriate solutions, we have developed and incorporate procedures to help avoid these surprises and delays.



Less Time

Get a free, no obligation mitigation system design

Quick & Easy Scheduling

Scheduling with us is easy. Simply click here to fill out our form, or just give us a call to schedule a radon installation consultation and bid appointment.

We Answer
Your Call

We are large enough to have full-time, highly trained staff answering your call. This makes it less likely you'll have to: leave a message, play phone tag or wait a day for the answer to your questions.

Same Day

Our electronic, tablet-based pricing technology allows our System Designers to typically give you a radon system installation price the same day they come to evaluate the job. They can email a copy of the proposal immediately to any parties you indicate.

HOA Help

Home owners associations can have many regulations and forms that must be filled out before installing a radon mitigation system. We can help with communication with your HOA in order to ensure the system meets their rules and that they have required paperwork about our insurance or license.

One Day

Nearly every radon system installation is completed the same day that it is begun. Having a slightly larger company allows us to add workers to bigger jobs when needed. Twenty-four hours after installation, you'll be able retest radon levels.

We Handle
Tough Cases

Some situations are much harder to design and mitigate than others. Unlike smaller firms, we see enough of these "Tough Cases" each year that we have developed radon installation processes just for these cases. You won’t have to wait for days while the mitigator figures out a workable solution.

Did you Know...?

  • On Time Appointments

    We are always striving to have the best on-time, appointment record in the radon system installation industry. We always give a reasonable window of time in which to expect our arrival, never a 5 hour window.

  • Competitive Pricing

    DuPage Radon Contractors is aggressive in finding better radon mitigation system installations. We streamline the process to be as efficient as possible and leverage volume parts buying to keep prices extremely competitive, so you can spend less time price shopping.

  • We Handle the Tags

    The state has a required tax that is applied by virtue of purchasing a sticker, and require hefty paperwork for each system. We will handle the paperwork, pay the tax, and ensure the sticker is applied correctly.

  • Can Install AFTER Closing

    Our Proposal guarantees that our radon system installation process will reduce the radon to acceptable levels for the price stated. You can rest assured that we won’t break that promise due to heavy regulations and company ethical policies. In real estate transactions, the buyer takes very little gamble if, because of time constraints, they agree to install the system after the closing.

  • We Take Credit Cards

    We accept checks, cash, or credit cards.

  • Less Delays

    Weekends Available

    We offer limited weekend services on request. This is often available for either system designs or installations.

    Squeeze You In

    Having a bigger team allows us much more flexibility to help you if you have very tight time constraints. We are much more apt to be able to “shoehorn” a job in.

    Problem Solvers

    If we fail to achieve the desired radon level on the first mitigation system installation attempt, the diagnostics to determine the next steps can be very tricky. We have expensive diagnostic tools and a highly knowledgeable crew that is well-versed in these diagnostics.

    Sub-slab Items

    Drilling through a water or electrical pipe that is hidden in the concrete can be a real problem. In order to avoid sub-slab items, DuPage Radon Contractors uses the most up-to-date technology, including thermal cameras, infrared thermometers, and ground penetrating radar. This is especially important in buildings with in-floor heating or buried electrical components.


    About 3% of buildings require installing a radon mitigation system that does not meet state standards, and a state-approved variance is required. We are very fluent in handling this and have a process that is least likely to delay installation.

  • Designed Ahead of Time

    To ensure that the radon system installation goes smoothly, a highly trained System Designer is dispatched to your building for free before installation day. He or she considers your needs, the building’s layout, and state regulations when choosing which style of system and parts to use.

  • Location, Location, Location

    Part of making a system look its best is choosing the best location for the system. DuPage Radon Contractors looks for the most attractive location for your system, avoiding if possible, installation on the front of the building or near frequented areas, like patios. The interior piping is usually put in an unfinished area that is unlikely to ever be finished in any future basement remodel.

  • Sometimes You Choose

    Sometimes, the System Designer sees more than one equally viable location or style option for installing a radon mitigation system, and may be able let you decide which option you prefer.

  • No Down Payment

    Payment is accepted at the end or beginning of the radon mitigation system installation job. We accept checks, cash, or credit cards – one more way to make the process fast and easy.

  • Less Surprises

    Know What
    You Bought

    We provide a detailed proposal complete with a floor plan of the system part locations, descriptions of the parts, color choices, warranty information, preparation steps, and what to expect.

    Real Price,
    Not Phone

    Because we visit your building before making a bid, the price we give is a true bid, not an estimate. Except for very unusual circumstances, this is the price you will pay. If the radon system installation turns out to be harder than expected, it usually comes out of DuPage Radon Contractors' pocket.

    Highly Trained

    Our System Designers have extensive training in radon, radon systems installation, and building construction. Our thorough training helps ensure that the design they choose is the best possible design for the building, and that the installers won’t need to “re-think” the job when they arrive.

    Informed Installation

    The team shows up ready to work. The work order is highly detailed and includes a drawing of the building to indicate where various system parts are to be installed. It also includes the details from the proposal, specific notes to the installer, and a detailed material list. Less delays due to surprises.

    Double Checking
    the Work

    Before a radon mitigation installation team leaves the completed job, each part of the system is double checked in a step-by-step process, using a checklist for each item. Post-installation photos are also taken to verify proper installation.


    All trash created by our team is removed and work areas are swept clean. We won't leave a surprise mess for you to clean up.

    Detailed Explanation

    After installation, the crew lead will explain all about the new system, its operation, and maintenance and operational suggestions. Additionally, a detailed information sheet containing the same information is attached to the system for future reference.

  • Field Tested

    Any experimental change to our systems’ parts or processes are field-tested and time-tested before DuPage Radon Contractors incorporates the changes into standard practice. Details are available upon request.

  • Substrate Important

    The porosity of the material under the floor slab (substrate) is VERY important to the system design, and may be gravel or soil. Since it is not visible, a designer must make certain assumptions about how many suction points are likely to be appropriate. DuPage Radon Contractors’ System Designers are especially adept at making these educated guesses or performing appropriate diagnostics.

  • Beware of Phone Estimates

    Some competitors have begun to offer only phone estimates. However, it’s not always evident who will pay if the guess from the phone estimate is too low. One company says that they guarantee their phone price, but will walk away from the job on installation day if they realize that their phone bid was too low.

  • 100% Success

    Some radon mitigation installations can be very tricky. However, because of our great diagnostic skills and equipment, we have a 100% success rate. 99.6% of the time, we succeed with lowering your radon levels on the first try. We’ve even helped competitors on jobs they could not solve.

  • Watch Out For “Lifetime” Guarantees

    Some lifetime warranties have so many exceptions that they don’t really give any valuable coverage. Sometimes, they only cover certain parts, such as PVC pipe, that are known to last a very long time. If you’re comparing warranties, be sure you understand what is and is not covered.

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